Dad tells dog he bought a kitten. Internet can’t stop laughing at dog’s comeback!


We all know that dogs can’t talk! But there is no doubt that they communicate with humans via physical movements, facial expressions and a variety of interesting sounds.

That’s why this puppy dad decided to film a video of his dog and give the entire thing a hilarious voice-over. It has gone viral and it’s easy to understand why!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Dogs also communicate with people in a sound-related manner more than strictly “vocal.”

 “Dogs are not big on vocal communication, but they do produce various types and intensities of sounds, ranging from whimpering and muttering to growling and barking. This way they are able to achieve some crude communication with other dogs and humans. Dogs may be better at communicating with humans in this way than with other dogs.”

Source: YouTube screenshot

You can hear this pup making a variety of grunts and growls when Dad teases the idea of bringing home a cat!

Many dog owners dream to understand what’s going on inside of our pup’s head. And this dog dad is no different. So instead of wondering, he just decided to create the commentary himself!

Take a peek at this adorable video below!

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