Dog Finds Kitten Occupying His Bed – Here’s How He Handles Her Troublemaking


There’s a reason for the expression “fighting like cats and dogs.” These two animals can be quite territorial. Nothing shows that truth better than this video.

Gerty is a German Shepherd who lives with his owners and a cat named Mrs. Peepers. These two generally get along, but sometimes they have their differences. When Gerty saw Mrs. Peepers occupying his bed, he knew he could not just leave it that way.

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Gerty stood at the bottom of the staircase, watching Mrs. Peepers recline in his space. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The white kitty (except for black and brown spots here and there) was right in the middle of the bed, making it fully known that she was claiming the area as hers. What was she doing there?! Didn’t she realize after all that the bed belonged to him?

The dog slowly approached the bed, half expecting the cat to get up when she saw him coming. It did belong to him, after all. But Mrs. Peepers was way more persistent than Gerty had realized. It would take a little more prompting to get her up.

The two locked each other in the eyes for a moment, but Mrs. Peepers did not show any sign that she would leave the bed. Having no more choices, Gerty was forced to reclaim what was his.

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He leaned toward the cat, sniffing at her with his nose. Mrs. Peepers leaned back, but Gerty just kept on pushing. He was breathing right into her fur, letting her know that he was willing to fight for his territory. The cat tried to duck him and readjust herself, but it seems that the dog knew all the moves she was about to do and kept blocking her path with his face. He wouldn’t let her get away with this.

Now Mrs. Peepers was laying on her side. Pushing his nose into her tummy, Gerty tried to prod her to stand up. The cat threw up her paws in self-defense and began to bat at the pup. Now things were getting heated.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After a quick skirmish, the message was received. Mrs. Peepers pointedly backed up off the bed. The second her paws his the carpet she made a jump for freedom. Gerty leaped after her, but he was too slow. The cat ran to safety.

With his territory restored to its rightful owner, the dog could finally relax. He sniffed the bed to make sure it was just right, then he continued on with his day. This is one lesson Mrs. Peepers won’t soon forget.

This cat and dog duo might squabble once in a while, but they are still great pals. Well, as long as Mrs. Peepers leaves Gerty’s bed alone!

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