Dog found chained during a devastating flood is saved just in time!


Our four-legged friends often suffer the biggest consequences when disaster strikes.

As capable as they are, they’re defenseless if they’re abandoned by their owners or if they get lost in the shuffle during an emergency. That’s just what happened to one little dog in Houston, Texas.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Found by Sheriff Troy Nehis and the crew from a local television station, this little pup was fighting for her life.


A 2-year-old border collie mix, who was renamed Archer, was found chained to a porch during a flood. She was struggling to survive the rising water when a news station filmed her rescue in real time.

Sheriff Troy Nehis and his family were so taken with Archer that they decided to adopt her from the Houston Humane Society.


Archer was definitely felt a lot better after a warm bath and some snuggles. Now, the dog is living the life with a family who loves her!

What an amazing rescue! We’re so glad Archer is safe and sound now.

You can watch the video of her rescue below.

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