Dog Learns She Doesn’t Have Cancer And Has Priceless Reaction


When Dani learned that her beloved Golden Retriever Lily was sick, she feared the worst. She could never have guessed that her pup would make a truly miraculous recovery.

Almost overnight, Lily got so sick that she couldn’t even stand up. Dani brought Lily to her veterinarian’s office, where she learned that the poor pup had internal bleeding and was so anemic that she needed an immediate blood transfusion. Once she was stabilized, Dani was given the worst news yet: Lily had a large tumor on her spleen. If the vet didn’t do surgery immediately, Lily would only live for a few more days.

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Dani and her husband Kevin emptied out their savings and scheduled the surgery, but they still didn’t have much hope. There was only a 10 percent chance that the tumor was benign. If it was malignant, Lily would only live a few more months. But Dani knew it would be worth it to get a little more time with her dog.

Lily had the surgery, and it went off without a hitch. The vet removed a six-pound tumor from Lily’s spleen, and she immediately felt better. Dani started to wonder if the tumor was benign, but the vet warned her not to get her hopes up.

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A week later, Dani’s vet called to share the news. She captured Lily’s excitement on video.

“Lily, the doctor just called. As you know, you had a six-pound tumor removed from your spleen,” Dani said in a YouTube video. “They said you had Hemangiosarcoma, which kills all kinds of dogs, and they told us they’ve never in twenty-five years had a case that’s come out negative and that we should prepare. We just got your tests in, and I need you to sit down for this…”

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Lily was sitting down with her tail wagging waiting for Dani to reveal the amazing news.

“Lily, you don’t have cancer! No, you don’t! You’re the first case ever! You’re the first case in twenty-five years!”

“No, you’re not going anywhere today!” Dani shouted as Lily was running around in excitement, “No sir, no sir, no sir!”

Even though Lily may not have understood everything her owner was saying, she reacted to the excitement and relief in Dani’s voice, and she danced around with happiness. This sweet dog has a long life ahead of her with her favorite humans. Watch the video below to see Lily’s infectious joy.

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