Employees Of A Bus Station Gave Shelter And Beds To Homeless Dogs Freezing Outside! Amazing!


This is fantastic! It is a big thing to these sweet babies to have where to warm up, to sleep well and have food and water. These people are good people with big heart.☺☺

As winter is slowly coming to Brazil, a few kind people at a local bus station decided to do something amazing for the stray dogs freezing on the streets. Employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal created a space at their facility where they can stay warm and be looked after. Not only are they providing the pups with food and water, the staff also got them animal beds made out of old tires covered with blankets.

A few street dogs were allowed to take refuge from the cold inside the Curitiba bus station in cozy little beds made from blankets and tires.

The employees created beds for their cute little dogs and made sure they were fed and hydrated. Now, these puppies, who were previously homeless and left out in the cold, are living it up. They have shelter, water, food, and lots of people to adore them.

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