Fisherman Finds An Unusual Turtle Floating On The Water. Upon Closer Look He Called For Help.


Loggerhead sea turtles are the biggest hard-shelled turtles, and they can grow to be up to 3 feet long and weigh around 250 pounds. They are carnivores and eat jellyfish, crabs, and fish. For all those who don’t understand nature’s way. Yes, it was nice help to the turtle but the fact that they disturbed the cycle of nature is never taken into thought. This happens more than people thinks in nature. Can understand the fishermen concern and thank them but maybe it was just time for the turtle. Hope they update us on how he is doing what made him so sick and if he be able to back to the sea. Poor creature!

They’re gooseneck barnacles and they are tough to remove from rock on the sea side so it’s going to be a hard job. Hope all goes well. The Marine Conservation Program (MCP) took over the care of the lethargic sea turtle. MCP said it is a rare sight to see a sea turtle in Tasmanian waters. The turtle was given a full exam that included X-rays (they need to see if he had eaten any plastic or fishing gear). There was no evidence of either one in his intestines. Next came the painstaking removal of the barnacles. They had to be removed one at a time.


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