From Mangy To Magnificent – An Amazing Transformation From A Stray Dog In To A Happy Puppy!


The transformation of a puppy, from sad and sore, to amazing and healthy is always such an amazing thing to hear about.

This little pup was born around 6 months ago and he had a rough start. His skin was in such bad condition and his fur coat was almost non-existent.

When he arrived at the vet’s he had a very sore looking case of mange, there were scabs all over his skin, he must have felt terrible!

He was named Henry. He had patched fur completely missing and was very mangy, nevertheless, he still managed to be a happy little puppy!

First things first he had a lovely soothing bath to get his treatment started, with some medicated shampoo. After only two weeks and many baths later his skin was already looking a lot better.

Henry hadn’t quite realized that it was the beginning of the recovery process. And given a little more time his hair started to grow back and his scabs were completely gone!

Although his hair hadn’t begun to fully grow back in yet, and he still has a long way to go.

His hair started to grow back and that has made one of the biggest difference to how he looks too, he really does look like another dog.

It took about two and a half months in total since his treatment first started and he is now a real beauty. Any owner would certainly be proud to have him, he has a very waggy tail, and he is so happy!

Even though this pup has been through a lot of hard things, he stayed positive and now he will live a lovely long, we hope, and happy life.

Good luck Henry, we hope your life is really amazing, just like you are!

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