German Shepherd Hilariously Accompanying His Owner In The Shower


Have you ever heard a song on the radio that has such a catchy tune, you just can’t help but sing along?

We’re not the only ones. When dogs hear a great song they also share the urge to sing!

One handsome German Shepherd named Maximus especially loves to sing. Maximus’ owner decided to capture hos his talented pup on video.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Maximus’ owner decides to sing the popular Eduard Khil ‘Trolololo’ song. Quite a fitting tune indeed, given Maximus’ reaction.

First, his ears twitch as his owner sings off camera. The notes of the song seem to attract his attention.

As his owner continues singing, the dog begins to shuffle on the ground, but soon he can’t take it anymore! He has to sing along!

Source: YouTube screenshot

With his head tilted high, he does just that.

After seeing this video you will understand why German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds.

These dogs are smart and easy to train, that’s why they are great sidekicks for being a service dog or assisting the elderly or handicapped.

But they are also friendly, affectionate and loving nature which makes them great family dogs. They love having fun just like the rest of us and are quite the chatterboxes themselves, as seen in Maximus’ great performance!

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