German Shepherds Excitedly Greet Owner – But Zoomed In On Something In Her Arms


Dogs are highly social creatures, and most dogs love to meet new people – be it for seeking a playtime companion, attention or even a first-time meeting.

Once they treat you and your family akin to a member of a canine pack, their loyalty and love will melt even the coldest of hearts.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Trust is also built over time, and the feeling must be mutual between owner and canine to establish a long-lasting friendship one can cherish forever. With the notion that a dog is indeed man’s best friend, many can certainly agree on that, especially for this couple!

The couple shown in the video own two fully-grown German Shepherds, who had been left home alone and were waiting for their owners to come back.

Source: YouTube screenshot

As soon as the couple opens the door, their tails start wagging and they become eager to greet them. However, one of their owners was carrying a newborn baby – and the two dogs were simply too excited to get to know the infant! They start by sniffing the baby and learning to pick up its scent, curious yet gentle.

These two German Shepherds would surely become great guardians for their new family member – a baby! Kudos to the couple who have taken great care and patience in slowly introducing their dogs to their baby!

Watch the whole scene happen in the video below!

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