Great Dane discovers a trampoline, has Internet in stitches with his hilarious antics


Dogs are truly amazing creatures that often do hilarious things, but this one might just be one of the best things we’ve seen!

Luckily for us, his neighbor had a camera ready when this Great Dane has discovered his trampoline. In the video, we hear barking, followed by a jump from the happy dog.

You can truly see the joy on his face!

Source: YouTube screenshot

In the video, you can see simple happiness, and it beautifully captures everything in a perfect way. Great Danes are big enough the way they are. Now, having the benefit of jumping extremely high, the dog is finding a whole new way to take a look at the neighborhood.

Check out the incredible video below. It’s guaranteed to make you smile no matter how hard your day is and remind you that there are simple joys happening every day around us!

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