Guilty Boxer Got Into Some Serious Trouble For Eating Her Owner’s Cookie


We love our dogs as if they were our own children and most of the times they behave as if they are! Dog owners are well aware that if they leave something in the dogs reach that a dog isn’t supposed to have, no matter how well trained it is, the pooch will find a way to reach it and, of course, consume it!

Source: YouTube screenshot

That is why there are child locks. But do not let us tell you about it, check out what happened to this cookie lover.

See, this Boxer managed to sniff out a chocolate chip cookie she loves so much on the kitchen counter after her owner left it there. Faith knows she’s not supposed to have sugar, but that cookie just smells devilishly good! He won’t know it is gone, will he? So, of course, she did everything she could to steal her owner’s chocolate chip cookie.

Take a look at this guilty pup in the video below!

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