Guilty German Shepherd Hides In Shower


Remember when you were a kid and you did something you shouldn’t have? And all you could think about was how mad your parents would be when they found out?

Well, so does this dog.

Berlin, the German shepherd, hides in the shower and ignores owner’s questions in a failed attempt to appear innocent.

Source: YouTube screenshot

A family came home only to find their bed sheet ripped through. When they saw it, they pretty much knew who did it – their German shepherd. According to her owners, after discovering the damages, they immediately went to question their dog, Berlin. After she was accused of ripping the sheet, the poor pup fled to the shower to hide, trying to look as innocent as possible (and failing).

“She pushed her way into the bathroom,” says Berlin’s owner in the video, “and she’s now holding out in the shower, where she continues to stare at the wall, which only makes her look guiltier.”

Berlin ignores her owner’s questions about who chewed up the bed while staring straight ahead. It all makes her look even guiltier by the second. At least her owners know that their dog has a conscience – or at least is trying to avoid being caught.

Perhaps she’ll find a better place to hide next time!

Be sure to check out the full video down below.

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