Hound dog and human brother sing the blues for mom!


You have to listen to it!

Wow! There is much beauty in innocence. The toddler won’t be winning any Grammy with a voice like that but at least he’s trying. The dog sounds like a horn! That was awesome!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Smashed the top off the Cute-O-Meter! That was an amazing music to my ears! But they need a little practice. So watch the video below and enjoy!

Everyone gets the blues, including toddlers. And if you’re two-year-old Luca, the best possible coping method is a cute little jam session with dad! At the beginning of the video, you will see little Luca getting ready to jam with his dad. Soon after, his dad starts playing guitar. With his father’s encouragement, Luca belts his heart out.

Check out the video below to understand why they are so amazing!

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