Incredible footage of a man pulling over to save rabbit from California wildfires


The flames known as the Thomas fire are spreading throughout Southern California, have already caused extensive damage to the area and are not abating yet. The wildfire has covered over tens of thousands of acres of land so far, with some homes being burnt to the ground and many families forced to leave the area.

A state of emergency has been declared, with mass evacuations and road closures affecting those in the state. Apparently, over 100,000 people in the region have fled, and hundreds of schools have been forced to close down because of the wildfire. Extreme winds add to the danger, spreading the flames faster than usual.

Seeing as California is the homeland of the film and television industries, the entertainment and dramas shot there will surely be affected in some way. A number of productions have already been put on hold, such as HBO’s Westworld.

Fire officials have issued an official statement on the fire today:

“Our big variable tonight is the wind, and the wind is expected to pick up in some places to 70 miles an hour – that’s hurricane force winds.”

“That can drive a fire in a way that is unimaginable to most of us. So please, take this serious, pack a bag, be ready to go.”

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a phone alert to those in the vicinity, warning residents in LA and the surrounding areas to be aware of the risk. The mayor, Eric Garcetti, gave thanks to firefighters from the city as well as other agencies, saying that “these are days that break your heart, but these are also days that show the resilience of our city.”


Los Angeles NBC reported this fire to scorch a total of 83,000 acres already. Meanwhile one man took the time and risk to save an innocent animal that had no clue what was happening, and surely would have died if not for this hero.

The video was shown by RMG News after a motorist captured the video, which shows a man saving a wild rabbit from flames. The man, who has chosen to remain unnamed, spotted a terrified rabbit on the edge of Highway 1, seemingly heading straight into the flames. Luckily, he managed to catch him just in time. You can see the amazing video below:

You can understand the confusion of the people watching him, as he seems to stumble around fearfully and eventually pull the distressed rabbit from the flames.

The cameraman who filmed the event said that he saw the man pull his car over to save the rabbit, but refused a request for an interview. So you can add “humble” to the list of words to describe this heroic individual.


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