It Looks Like She’s Rubbing Her Head On Her Sister. What She’s Really Trying To Do? OMG…


Cocoa isn’t trying to scratch her head, the tiny Chihuahua just wants to rest her head on her sister and take a nap. How precious is this?

Source: YouTube screenshot

We’re sure as soon as her sister woke up and realized what was going on she cuddled with her for as long as she wanted. I wish I had a chance to see these two pup hanging around a bit more, but the video does not show us that much.

It’s great when you have a close friend that allows you to use him a pillow from time to time!

Take a look at this cute video below! This kind of friendship usually lasts the longest!

Please share this adorable video with your pillow friends to let them know how much they mean to you!


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