It Melted My Heart. This Little Monkey Was Not Confident Enough To Take A Bath


We seem to naturally speak to small animals in a high-pitched voice. But then I realized that when I used that voice to my cats, they understood I was talking to them. If I spoke in a normal voice they just ignored me. Tip to you out there who think high voices with animals are silly, but also wonder why cats never listen to you. They don’t know you’re talking to them!

Those who are seasoned pet owners can testify that giving pets a bath is one hard thing any pet owner in the world faces. It’s not a secret that most pets are not in love with bath time. However, one little Black Cap Capuchin named Nala is showing the contrary in the video below. Whenever it’s bath time, her owner gives her a small doll which she clings into as she is being washed. I can’t tell whether the little dog is responsible for her confidence, but it surely has a part to play.

Though as we speak Nala is in an animal shelter with other monkeys, Jennifer who is Nala’s ex-owner managed to record the clip before that happened.

I think it’s great that you help baby animals for whatever reason they need to be with humans for. I think this is a fun and educational thing for your children at a young age to be a part of. I love it that your children are very happy and very active with the animals — this monkey. I know what you’re saying about your kids trying to use the same pitch as you are using to soothe the monkey. Children already have a high pitch voice. Not all do…but most do.
Who out there hasn’t washed a pet…like a dog or a cat or a small human child in the sink?

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