It’s Just WOW! You Will Be Shocked! Wait And Watch Until the Grand Finale!


We bow down to the master. There’s no way we’d be able to do this. Not a chance. We’d fail at level 1. And we’re 99% sure that 99% of dogs out there can’t do what this dog can do. We’ve seen some pretty nifty dog tricks in our day, but this one takes the cake…. or at least, it would if Carl wasn’t busy balancing it on his head!

This trick requires incredible skill, ninja-like focus, the iron will of a Tibetan monk, the mental discipline of a chess master, and the patience of a saint. When you see the first level, you might not be impressed. After all, we’ve seen dogs balance food on their heads before. The grand champion of the food balancing trick is Maymo the beagle. Because if you balance 100 fruits and vegetables on your head, you deserve that title. Fair? Fair.


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