Little dog begs for his favorite cookie! So cute and epic!


So funny! You have to watch it! Amazing puppy!

If you ask these dogs a question and they sneeze in response, it means ‘yes’.

Just give him that cookie! I would have given that cutie pie all the cookies he wanted! The dogs like, «good sir, that cookie’s too hot, here let me cool it down». That guy is a real cookie monster!

Source: YouTube screenshot

It is a very demanding puppy. He wants a cookie, but don’t forget to ask to ask him before giving it away. He’s simply impossible to resist! And he will go to great lengths to get it, he’s even ready to stand on its hind legs.

Check out how cute he is when asking for the cookie! Unfortunately, many human sweets may harm the dog: cakes, candy, chocolate, cupcakes, cookies. First and foremost, the damage is caused by the presence of sugar, which is absolutely not needed by the, and cocoa beans are also poison.

Take a closer look at this adorable pup in the video below!

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