Little kid starts an argument with the family dog! Funny!


The dog is like: Your argument is invalid. Good night!.

If you’ve ever had a dog as a pet, you know exactly how much they understand in terms of communication. Even though they’re a completely different species, it feels as though they can read our minds and know exactly what we’re talking about when we speak to them! That’s why this grumpy little pup is able to «argue» back with his human sister when no one else can! The little girl is clearly unhappy about something and he’s not having it.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The couch? Her dirty diaper? His lack of diaper? Well whatever it is, she makes one heck of an argument! We’ve come across a few videos of kids throwing tantrums against their parents. We’ve also seen some “juicy” scenes of pets trying to put up an argument against their owners. Sometimes, even the owners reprimand their pets when they catch them on the wrong side of house rules. Now here is something new!

Check out a video below of a baby arguing with a dog!

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