Mama Dog Just Born Her Puppies… At The Same Time Dad Did Something Heart Touching…


It’s so beautiful to observe facts of animals nature. When our little ‘brothers’ care about each other it’s heartwarming… After giving birth to four puppies, one female German Shepherd was covered by love with licks from the father of the puppies. This is a family!

Licking her face without missing a beat, the male German Shepherd showed his affection towards the mother as he cuddled next to her. It is amazing to see such an obvious display of love between two animals, especially when it is not something we consider when thinking about dogs.



As the mother was being showered with affection by the male, her four puppies only seemed interested in drinking as much milk as they could. Seeing these dogs react so warm after the birth of their puppies is a reminder that all animals can feel some type of connection, and we were lucky to be able to join in on this particular display of affection thanks to the video.

Once Mom has gotten some rest, she (and her beautiful babies) will all be taken inside for a more comfortable place to sleep. Incredible nature always surprised us! How beautiful it is!

Just see!

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