Mom Begs Her Boston Terrier To Get Out Of The Baby’s Crib. And How this Pup Act Next Enjoy In The Video!


When the cute baby thinks it would be hilarious to start tugging on the dog’s ears, and the hyper pup just takes it in stride.Mom was looking all over the place for the dog and finally found him in the crib with the baby. She should’ve known he’d be right by his best friend! Watch as this crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby. How adorable.

Mom, however, wants her dog to stop horsing around and get out of the baby’s space. Even though she can’t hide her giggles, she asks the pup, “What are you doing in the crib?” At her urging, the little guy jumps off and runs around and starts looking at his owner like he needs to know if he can get back in already.


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