Mom Orders Bed For Her Dog That’s Way Too Small, But He Pretends To Love It Anyway…


Kenny is the dog who has gratitude. We’ve all been there. Those times when you’ve received a gift that just isn’t you but you smile and grin as if it was exactly what you wanted. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Having to pretend you like something or wearing it once in a while or putting it out on display in your home when the giver visits is the least you can do in return for their act of love. Apparently, humans aren’t the only ones that are aware of this.

When a happy and grateful dog named Kenny’s mother accidentally purchased him the wrong size bed, Kenny pretended not to notice. Which was no easy task because this thing was seriously less than half the size of Kenny. But Kenny didn’t mind at all. He pretended to love it just the same. Kenny could have easily shunned or ignored his new gift, but no. That isn’t Kenny’s style.


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