Pit Bull Can’t Sleep, So Dad Sings Loving Lullaby That Captures The Hearts Of Millions


When we get ready for bed, some of us have regular nighttime rituals. Maybe you wash your face, get your clothes ready for the next day, drink some warm tea, or cuddle with your loved one. Maybe you do all of the above.

Either way, it’s important to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, especially if it’s been a busy and productive one.

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Pets like to unwind at the end of a long day too. In fact, life can be just as tough for our pets – it’s not easy eating whenever you want, sleeping whenever you want, playing with your toys, and waiting for their beloved humans to come home.

Some dogs have a lot of energy and don’t want to sleep. Others just have trouble falling asleep in general. If you have a dog that is more like the second type, then the video below might give you a helpful solution.

Puti, the red puppy pit bull, was having trouble going to sleep one night. Turns out, she can’t sleep without her nighttime ritual: her dad singing her a sweet lullaby.

Just look at those sweet puppy eyes. How can you refuse her request for a lullaby?

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Puti was ready for her sweet lullaby. Laying her crate, and her favorite toy nearby, she waited almost expectantly for dad to start singing.

“You need daddy to sing to you to go to sleep, my little baby?” he says. Her face is all the answer he needs.

Soon after asking, he begins singing Puti’s special lullaby. You’ll quickly recognize the song – it’s a customized version of Sarah McLachlan’s hit, “In The Arms Of An Angel”:

In the arms of your daddy

Little baby sleeps

It’s my little big baby

Go to sleep, baby, please

Please go to sleep…

Within moments, the lullaby works like a charm, and sweet Puti is off to dreamland.

Check out the heartwarming moment below. What a precious video.

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