Puppy Can’t Stop Looking At Lettuce On The Table – His Response Has Internet Dying Of Laughter


Maymo is a beagle mix who loves adventures. In his latest adventure, he found a head of lettuce sitting all by itself in his owner’s living room. No one was there to stop him, so Maymo figured the veggie was fair game. He instantly began planning: he was determined to get his paws on that lettuce!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

First, the pup was trying to reach the table by jumping up from the floor and extending his snout toward the seductive green ball. He managed to rip off a leaf with his teeth, but the failed anyway. Next, he got up close to the veggie and started chomping. Foiled again! Maymo couldn’t get a hold of that green goodness within his clutches.

Watch this hilarious video below to see how much effort his victory cost him!

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