Puppy Gets Hiccups For First Time – Watch Him Deal With It In Adorable Manner


Learning more about the world around you is part of growing up for everyone. The world we live in now looked so different when we were kids; everything was bigger and full of wonder. As you grow older, you get more and more experienced and you start to see life more mundane and predictable. This adorable puppy will remind you just how fascinating the world can be.

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Meet Buck, an 8 week old Heeler puppy who is approaching life with curiosity and enthusiasm. Like every young creature, Buck experiences something new every day. He still has so much to learn about the world – even the smallest of activities are full of adventure!

Recently, Buck reached another stage of growth when he discovered a new bodily function: the hiccups. This cutie got a terrible case of the hiccups while he riding in a car with his owner, and he simply could not understand what was going on! Buck’s heart melting reaction to this common phenomenon will have you looking at life in a whole new way.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

What started off as a relaxing car ride turned into an exquisite life lesson when Buck began to hiccup uncontrollably. He was sitting silently when suddenly a tiny squeak erupted from inside him. Buck was dazed. As he began to look around, it happened again! This time he knew something was going on and was already better prepared.

As another hiccup escape from his mouth, Buck began to cave into his frustration. His confusion got the best of him, and he let out a growl to ward off that horrible sound. It didn’t work, however, and Buck was stuck yet again hiccuping. He released another growl, a little louder this time. The confused creature was determined to understand what was happening to him!

More hiccups lead to high-pitched barks and Buck biting at the air. He tilted his head around madly as if he could see the cause of the noise with his eyes. This is one cute puppy.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After another hiccup, Buck tried hiding from the camera, buy tucking his head into the seat. The scene stops here, but we can imagine that the little puppy spent another few moments piecing the situation together.

This tiny puppy’s adorable reaction to his hiccups reminds us to appreciate the simple things in life. Whether you need a refreshment from mainstream media or you just need to see a cute face, you have to watch this video.

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