Puppy Refuses To Give Up Until The Great Dane Is Completely Annoyed!


Annoying your big brother can be a full-time job, at least if you want it to be. And this Great Dane is one of the biggest brothers you can ask for. The dog owns pretty much half of the couch, but that isn’t stopping this pint-sized little puppy from picking on him while he’s trying to sleep.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The puppy begins with pooling on his tail, biting at it as if it were a fishing line. A few little bites and the Great Dane moves his tail away from his little brother, but the torment doesn’t stop there. Getting closer to the Great Dane’s head, the pup works every little bit that is hanging off the couch, testing the larger dog’s patience. The Great Dane seems to stay very Zen about the whole ordeal, never snapping at his little sibling.

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