Pup’s Just Sitting Quietly On Mom’s Lap – Then Her Favorite Song Comes On And Made Her Crazy!!


Tired of articles that leave me hanging! She is the most beautiful and cutest puppy we have ever seen! This video made our day!

Source: YouTube screenshot

You come home from work and you’re greeted by your puppy who wants to tell you all about their day. Or maybe your older dog is in a good mood and wants to chat with you a little bit. Or perhaps your pooch just wants to ask for a little food… No matter what, it’s always cute when our dogs talk to us.

Most of us have songs that we can’t help but sing to. They come on and we begin singing along without even realizing it. Then there are the songs that just bring us joy. Sometimes, animals love music just as much as we do.

Take a look at this dog’s amazing reaction when his favorite tune comes on! It’s absolutely adorable!

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