Reporter goes Steps In Front Of The Camera But The Horse Has The Crew Howling In Laughter! Funny Video!


We can’t stop laughing…this horse is a born comedian… That horse is just asking for a bit of love and attention. If, before trying to do his story, that reporter had properly greeted the horse, it would probably be less of a disturbance! This is soo cute!!!

Source: YouTube screenshot

We’ve never seen a horse that was such a ham for the camera!!! Hilarious!!! This is much funnier, though! As soon as the reporter started speaking, Frankie, the horse was quick to get involved. We think he wants to give him a kiss and get a little attention.

Horses are incredibly intelligent creatures and Frankie is no exception. Whenever the reporter speaks, Frankie interacts in a form of dialogue by nudging, nibbling the reporter’s ear or resting his massive head on the reporter’s shoulder. It’s impossible to watch this video without a smile as the reporter can’t contain his laughter during each interaction with Frankie the horse.

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