Scared Pup Clinging To Balcony Is Saved By Neighbors Fast Actions!


Us humans mostly like rock climbing and activities that involving heights and climbing, but normally your doggies don’t really feel the same. This doggie tried to do some climbing, even though it wasn’t such a good idea…

We all feel like we need to swallow our hearts again after watching this scared doggie desperately trying to hang on to the ledge!

Just a few moments later the doggie lost her grip and started falling down…

Everyone cheers as the dog is caught safely and without any injuries, all down to the fast actions of the residents of the Parque Amazônia, Goiania, Brazil…

The residents, thankfully, quickly got a sheet when they saw what was happening and were prepared to catch the doggie safely!

The dog’s owner, Jean Siqueira, wasn’t there when it all happened. The dog named Tina was scared by the fireworks and tried hide on the balcony in an attempt to run away, instinctively like some doggies do when they hear fireworks!

The Owner said:

“I stepped out for a few minutes to the grocery store and left Tina alone for a few minutes. She had been stressed out all day from the noise of rockets being let off by people in the run-up to New Year’s Day.”

“I tried to calm her down and kept her in all day …The balcony door was open just a little and it didn’t cross my mind that she would be able to slip through. I guess she panicked and tried to run out of the flat wen the noise got louder.”

“I’ve had her for 11 years and she’s normally a calm dog but when fireworks go off she gets nervous and goes crazy with every bang.”

Even though the neighbors panicked a little, they had prepared to catch her and also filmed what was happening. In the video, you can see the Lhasa Apso trying to make her way back to the balcony after her misadventures in trying to escape the monster noisy fireworks!

The people watching see that she is just about to fall, almost in slow motion and call out ‘look the dogs’ is falling’ as she drops from the balcony edge!

Everyone cheers when they realize that the dog is ok and safe and sound at the bottom, where the residents caught her in the sheet.

An anonymous resident said:

“When we heard people screaming that a dog was in danger, we rushed to help and the idea of using a sheet to catch her came to our minds right away.”

“It was nerve-racking to watch her struggle to hold on, her little tail was wagging desperately as she panicked.”

“Her heart was racing like mad when she landed in the safety net, and I held her in my lap and hugged her to calm her down.”

Mr. Siqueira said:

“Someone called me to tell me my dog was hanging from the balcony. I rushed home immediately but by the time I arrived my neighbors had already rescued her.”

“I almost cried, When they showed me the vide, I was shocked at seeing the danger Tina had been in. If my neighbors hadn’t reacted so quickly I wouldn’t be holding my pet today.”

He also said that now Tina is at home, healthy, happy and fully back to normal after the incident, it appears that all is well that ends well!

He did say he wants everyone to treat his story as a warning as to what can happen to your dog during fireworks if you’re not super careful!

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