See That Teddy Bear? Now Watch What The Orphan Pony Does To It. This is the cutest thing I have seen all day……


This is TOO CUTE! This one-week-old foal sleeps soundly in the lap of its new surrogate mom – a jumbo TEDDY BEAR. Breeze the bay pony was found abandoned on Dartmoor National Park just a few hours after his birth.



Unable to find his mother, the tiny foundling was stumbling hopelessly around the hillside trying to suckle mares. By the time rescuers from a local equine sanctuary had arrived to help, Breeze had collapsed in a state of severe shock and dehydration. Now Breeze is doing fine and especially with the help of his new friend. ?



After being abandoned by his mother just a few hours after his birth, Breeze was found in disrepair by a farmer near the hills of Dartmoor, England. A group of rescuers at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary rescued and nursed him. In spite of receiving the best care possible, specialists realized that Breeze was depressed because he missed his mom and he had nowhere to snuggle. They decided to put next to him a giant teddy bear that Breeze adopted as his own. Such a cute little horse!


This is the cutest thing I have seen all day…… god Bless this little Pony…….

All seems to be well with Breeze now, as he cuddles with his new friends.
Makes your heart melt. I’d like to see a video of him now that he’s been reunited with the bear as an adult, but to my knowledge, a video doesn’t exist.


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