Senior pit bull’s depressed after losing vision, finally gets his vision back with the help of contacts


Watching your pet become disabled can be hard on a family. Having to see their older pit bull Gremlin, who was rescued from a life of dog fighting, struggle after losing her eyesight broke Chris and Mariesa Hughes’ heart.


When Gremlin lost her eyesight after a complication from cataract surgery, her whole demeanor changed.

She seemed depressed, would walk into walls, miss steps, and even stopped playing with her brother Sam.

Gremlin would get really scared every time someone walked by her.

“It was awful to see,” Mariesa Hughes says. “And it seemed she just started sleeping a lot more.”

Though it may be hard for regular people to see Gremlin in such distress, the harsh realities of life as a senior dog were nothing new to the Hugheses.

They are the founders of a senior dog rescue project based in upstate New York. Their job is to saves senior dogs who face euthanasia from kill shelters.


The Mr. Mo Project finds temporary or permanent homes across the U.S. for their senior dogs across the U.S. and even pays for all of the medical expenses the dogs may incur over their lifetime.

The Hugheses have decided to bring some comfort to Gremlin’s life and sought help from veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Petra Lackner.

“I had been wondering what to do Gremmy  for a while,” Lackner says.

Lackner eventually had come up with a safe and cost-efficient solution.


Contact lenses for dogs are very expensive and cost about $200, she decided to order lenses for humans which would be a lot less expensive.

Instead of paying $200 a box, the family would now only spend about $20.

“I said I would try anything if it improved her quality of life,” Mariesa Hughes said. “I had many questions, but before Dr. Lackner had time to answer most of them, the contact was in, Gremlin was off of the table and pulling me down the hall!”

Here is Gremlin before she got her new contact lenses:

There was an immediate and obvious change in Gremlin once those lenses were popped in.

“I think all of us had tears in our eyes when she looked up, as if coming out of a daze, and took off!” Lacker said. “It still gives me goosebumps.”


Since getting her new contact lenses, Gremlin no longer runs into things, doesn’t flinch when someone comes near, and can even find her water bowl without knocking it over.

Here is Gremlin after getting her new contact lenses:

Big difference!

“When Gremlin’s contacts are put in she kisses us, paws at us to pet her. She is happier,” Mariesa Hughes says.

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