So cute! The puppy is sleeping in the car but his favorite song wakes him up!


That is so cute and funny! We believe dogs howl to drown the sounds as they have such acute hearing! Lots of dogs howl at sirens or howl when you do, howl at other dogs howling.

Source: YouTube screenshot

While riding in the car, Oakley, an adorable Australian Shepherd puppy, perks up and starts singing along when he hears “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen start playing on the radio. Watch as he reacts by singing along!

Not only is Oakley the Australian Shepard an amazing singer, but he’s also training to be a therapy dog. While Charli XCX’s «Boom Clap» is playing, little Oakley remains fast asleep. But the moment Frozen’s «Let It Go» comes on, his little ears perk up… And he starts to sing along.

Check it out in the adorable video below!

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