Sweet Dog desperately wanted to be rescued and loved but couldn’t even move


One day the volunteers at a rescue organization received a call that left them shocked and saddened. We have to give all volunteers who run these groups so much credit.

They get up close and personal with every animal case they endure. They struggle emotionally with what they face, and still, they go out day after day to save those animals no one wants.

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We’ve all seen many TV commercials where dogs, cats, and other animals are locked in their cages. These abandoned dogs break our hearts with their cuteness.

Every time a see something like this I have to reach for the box of tissues because I want to bring every single one of them home. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, so I vow to do the next best thing: volunteer at my local animal shelter.

Life and time pass. No matter how much education these animal groups share, people still abandon and neglect these creatures they should love. But this story of a pit bull begging to be rescued is so touching.

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It shows the strength of spirit of one dog who won’t give up no matter what. It inspires you to do the best you can to help other animals like this pit bull who can’t help themselves.

One day, the rescuers at Hope For Paws arrived at a site. They discovered a makeshift shelter made of plywood. The structure concealed a pit bull.

The sweet girl was very eager and excited to meet her saviors. She devoured the hamburger they offered her; yet still, the elated gal didn’t stand and walk from her prison.

When she saw a leash in volunteers’ hands, the sweet lady licked it and wagged her tail – both signs she wanted to be taken out of there. She still didn’t move.

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It wasn’t until the volunteers gave their new charge a closer examination. The poor girl had a nasty cut on one of her legs! Thankfully, someone had been feeding the quiet girl for several weeks. Without this person’s kindness, she surely would’ve died.

Hope For Paws carried Penelope from her crude shelter where she’d been waiting for weeks. The organization paid for her medical needs and in no time, Penelope was walking on all four paws, ready to find herself a new and loving home.

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