That guy has to clean llama’s territory in the zoo. But he forgot to ask the llama if she is OK with it! Very funny!


Cool! This video made my day!

Source: YouTube screenshot

It’s a very funny llama! This wild llama brought some drama to an unwanted visitor – whom she chased out of her pen! Take a look at this amusing footage, which was shot at Tri-State Zoo in Maryland.

I burst out laughing while I was watching this video. I am not really sure what this Llama is thinking about. I’m still wondering if she is either angry or she is in love. Whichever the case, whatever happens in this clip is totally funny and I have it in mind that most people would agree with me the moment they get to watch this clip.
This wonderful videotape was captured in Maryland at the Tri-State Zoo.

Check out how epic he did his job!

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