That is amazing animal trick! Dog likes singing and playing the piano! Watch!


The baby stroller, the piano playing, the dude’s narration, everything about this video is perfect! That’s so cute!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Amazing animal trick. Dog singing and playing the piano. after she gets a ride on a baby stroller. Beagles are a pretty funny breed of dog. I didn’t really know this until my family adopted our beagle, Kevin. Smart, curious “people pleasers” is basically what they’re all about. Buddy has obviously watched someone in the family sit and play this piano while belting out a tune. He figures he can get in on the action as well, and that he does!

What I love about dogs is that they do not judge themselves for being completely awful at things. Humans are constantly getting down on themselves for not being the best, not winning the gold, not hitting the high note.

Take a look at the video below to understand what I’m talking about!

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