That Was The Best Surprise For A Dog! It Found A New Home! You Will Cry!


Every stray dog dreams to find new owners! Unfortunately, just some of them will be with owners in the future. But this bulldog was born very lucky)
Hope for Paws is a rescue organization that has been around since 2008. The organization is in the business of saving abandoned and helpless animals.

Sometimes, the rescuers find themselves in dangerous situations in the missions. Sometimes, the animals are hostile. However, despite the challenges, the rescuers still find the best way to rescue the animals.
Some of the animals rescued crave for some companionship. The rescuers received a call of a stray pit bull in downtown Los Angeles. The crew drove there, and the mechanics confirmed the dog was indeed homeless.
The rescued pit bull, renamed Brutus, was an easy rescue. He accepted the treats, had no qualms about wearing the collar, and he rode with the crew back to the rescue center. Brutus is now up for adoption.

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