The Abuse Traumatized Him So Much He Peed Himself Whenever He Was Touched…


A dog known as Otto was saved from a horribly violent situation that traumatized him greatly. He was so frightened that he could hardly stand up. All he would do is lie down and pee on himself. Expert animal behaviorists explained that Otto would not be able to live with humans and recommended a sanctuary, but the staff refused to quit.

They treated him, looked after him and gave him tons of love. They wanted him to know they weren’t going to hurt him, but rather help him. Eventually, he realized this. Once his fear disappeared, his true character started to emerge and he came out of his shell.

After just several months, they saw a very scared dog who didn’t want to move, transform into a very warm, friendly and sociable dog. He also got adopted, despite “experts” saying he was unadoptable. He even got a new doggy sibling. They get to take walks together and now Otto will be cherished and loved for the rest of his life.

Have a look at Otto in this video:


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