The Cat Saved the Newborn Pup as he was Dying.


You Have To Watch It To Believe It… This Is Truly A Miracle!
A puppy was abandoned at birth, and now an unexpected mom is stepping in to help. FOX 8’s Annette Lawless shows us the touching story an unlikely mother giving a dog a second chance at life. That was so sweet how the mama cat was watching the lady nurse him like «Be gentle now. That’s my baby».

It’s not a common thing to find a mother cat who will take care of another species. She was watching closely, checking every now and then if that human did everything right! The sweetest part is Lurlene watching the caregiver bottle feed Nolan… Petting him, sniffing him… «When are you giving him back, lady?» Love knows no bounds! A mother’s job is never done! ❤️
These animals that are considered «enemies» can nurture one another, why can’t the human race learn from this? Its a sad day when we need to learn how to get along with each other from a «subhuman» species…….who’s on the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder now?

All animals deserve a chance to survival regardless of what their shapes and sizes are. However many animals are found abandoned in the street. They are left to die. When the staffs of the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) got to know about this abandoned pit bull puppy in poor health, they rushed for its rescue.

The little puppy who they later named as Noland was just one day old when he was brought the APL and his chances of survival were very low. The APL staffs decided to place baby Noland with Lurlene, a nursing cat who had recently given birth to kittens. What happened after this will totally surprise you.

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