The Moment This Homeless Mother Realises Her Last Remaining Puppy Is Going To Be Saved


A man in southern California left his home not long ago and in doing so, he mercilessly left his dog behind.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Forced to live all by herself from there on, the female dog wandered the streets of her hometown searching for food and shelter. Just as many other stray dogs, she got pregnant and was forced to give birth in horrific conditions.

But luckily, some kind man saw the dog in her state and made her a makeshift shelter out of a dustbin for her and her puppies.

There she was able to take care of her puppies and hide them from the dangers of the streets.

As if her situation wasn’t bad enough, a group of local children found the mother and cruelly stole her babies from her.

Source: YouTube screenshot

They took all of her puppies, except one.

Luckily, a rescue team heard of her horrible story and came over to change their lives for god! They are now living with the kind humans at Shelter Hope Pet Shop where they are being given plenty of cuddles. Zoe and her puppy Meadow are now up for adoption and looking for a forever home.

Watch this tearful video below for more details!

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