The Most Happiest Bulldog In The Word! You Will Smile!


If you don’t know, not only people feel happiness, when they buy a new bed! This dog likes to enjoy his new bed!

There are several things that kids and dogs have in common. They are always willing to learn from the start and appreciate the efforts of those around them. Just like kids, there are times when the dogs decide to get mischievous and the clip below has perfectly covered that message.


Chuck, the sweet English bulldog, we are meeting below was given a gift by his human mother. The dog is happy with the memory foam bed and does not waste any time to show how happy he is. He jumps around like a little kid and the moment is so exciting to watch.

Check, what YOUTUBE users say in the commentaries about that funny dog!

Prince Prem: “Translation: Using my advanced testing methodology, I have determined that the fluff factor of this bed is appropriate.”

Gwen Jackson: “Your dog is freaking awesome!!!!! Seriously!”

Yesssman: “I need to stop looking at youtube comments when I watch cute videos of animals or genuinely innocent/warm videos”.

Ryan Saulus: “2017 and people still haven’t learned to turn their phones sideways.”

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