The Ultimate Therapy Dog Of The K9 Circuit Program Made Comfort And Secure These Horribly Traumatized Children Through Unbelievable Situations!


This is Karl. He is one very special therapy dog and one of 6 dogs in the K9 Circuit Program. He was born deaf, knows sign language, and is an amazing support to the kids. Sweet dog — love that these dogs help these horribly traumatized children through unbelievable situations! Way to go Karl! The dogs of the K9 Circuit Program are the ultimate therapy dogs for kids in courtrooms. In 2014, Orlando, Florida created a community outreach program called Companions for Courage where dogs provide a sense of security to children testifying in court.

Studies have shown that people are better able to recollect facts and provide more accurate information regarding traumatic events when they are calm. With the assistance of the dog teams, children and adults are able to relieve their anxiety about the underlying traumatic events and provide more precise testimonies in court proceedings. When children are asked to stand trial in a court of law, the experience can tend to be very traumatic for them. The K9 Circuit Program has been developed to provide support to these little ones and the dogs that they employ are some of the most special creatures on the planet.

It does not matter how old you may be or whether you are even in trouble, as a courtroom can be a frightening place regardless of your age. In many instances, a child is asked to speak out against someone who has already wronged them, which is an obviously challenging task for anyone, no matter how old they may be. Let’s say that a child needs to testify against their offender. In some cases, they may even want to back away from their initial story to avoid the embarrassment or fear that they are feeling. Joanne Ritten house knows this feeling all too well and works as a therapy dog handler to help these children.

These dogs allow children to feel the necessary comfort and security during these trying situations. There is one dog who goes by the name of Karl who is truly special, however, as he was born deaf and was able to learn American sign language over the course of his life. Karl is one of the best companions that a child could ever have an we are blessed to have had the chance to get to know him. We are so happy to see that someone has taken the time to consider the needs of these children and we hope that Karl is given the chance to help as many of them as possible.

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