These Dog-Parents Were Thinking Of Having A Rest, Then Their Puppy Does This… So Cute!


These two dogs watch their new puppy bark through the glass door. The cute and energetic pup just wants to play with Mom and Dad! Mommy! Daddy! Come here, right now!

Nobody tortures a puppy. Dogs do like to go outside ya, know. And perhaps it was unsafe for the puppy to go out when it was all wet so the owner let the others out…and the puppy is having a tantrum. It’s normal. Eventually, the others will be let back in and the puppy will get what it wants.

The video below can be very useful to parents who are new. When you think that the baby is asleep and it is the appropriate time to have some time with your husband/wife, then all of a sudden, you find that the baby is never asleep, in fact, he is even more awake than ever, and the private time is over! In the clip below, we witness two dogs staring at their newborn pup getting their attention through a sliding glass door as he barks.

While the two parent dogs thought that they were going to take some chilling under the sun, their very own puppy appears in front of them.

All the puppy wants is to have some play with both her parents!

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