These Dogs Had The Most Adorable Reaction Once They Learned Where They Were Going


There are some dogs that are truly unaware of the world around them and are simply going with the flow, and there are other dogs that are very perceptive and know exactly what is going on. The dogs in this video belong to the second type and once they realize where they are going, the reaction that takes place is one of the most incredibly adorable things that we have seen recently.

Their human provides us with a little bit of backstory so that we can understand their level of excitement. One summer, the owner decided to bring them (in addition to his parents’ dogs) down to a quarry. They started visiting the quarry long ago when they were puppies. Ever since they have positive memories of this location, and they are always psyched to go there.

Having been there so many times, they know when they are close before it is even in their eyesight. Their owner says, that dogs start to freak out (in the best possible way) because of their immense excitement once they know where they are headed. As soon as they realize where they are headed, they are not willing to pipe down until they’ve arrived at the quarry.

The pups are not kidding around whatsoever and they make their voices heard up until the vehicle is placed in the park. The four dogs in this video start off with a whimper and while this is to be expected from a pack of excited dogs, once the howling begins? You are going to be hard-pressed to keep a straight face and you might need a tissue just to wipe the tears of laughter that are about to ensue.

If you don’t believe that dogs are capable of carrying a tune, or the concept of singing dogs seems to you like something out of a cartoon, this video is here to refute those theories once and for all. If you want to truly appreciate this video in all of its glory, then be sure to turn the volume all the way up on your chosen listening device and wait for the magic to happen.

If you are having a bad day, this is the perfect video to turn that frown upside down. Please take a moment to spread the good cheer and pass this hysterical clip along to all of your closest friends and family members as soon as possible. Any dog lover in your life is definitely going to want to see this one.


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