This 2 Stray Puppies Refuse To Stop Hugging Each Other. They were rescued… Must Watch!


What  lovely and sweet 2 puppies, love them so so much! In China they get great enjoyment out of forcing dogs to stand or in this case. The Internet is going crazy over two puppies who can’t help but hug each other. After being reportedly adopted by Vietnamese nuns from living on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the two pups have become absolutely inseparable. According to the Daily Mail, the pair was taken in by the temple and now live at the shrine with Buddhists. The bigger of the two puppies hugs his little friend tightly to his chest, in a heart-melting gesture of friendship.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like these little guys are planning on letting go any time soon, despite comfortably settling into their new home. Little information is known about where this temple is located, but fingers crossed for an update on their story! The littler puppy strikes a pose on his own for the cameras. Finally getting to relax! After living on the streets, the bigger pup can rest easy knowing he’s found a home.


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