This Amazing Story About Paralyzed Kitten Who Surprises Everyone After Vets Said She Would Never Recover Again! Watch The Video Below!


Meet Chloe. The sweet girl never ceases to amaze her humans just how much she loves life, and she refuses to let anything slow her down. After a visit to the vet, it was clear that Chloe has a broken back. “She can’t use her legs at all, and can only drag them behind her. But, she does have a deep pain reflex which means she has feeling,” her owner Hannah explained.

Hannah Shaw of Kitten Lady was at a shelter to pick up two orphaned kittens when she spotted little Chloe, who couldn’t use her hind legs. “We rescued a kitten with rear leg paralysis from suspected abuse. She is so sweet and so vulnerable; we absolutely could not say no to her,” Hannah said.


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