This Dog Runs Half Marathon For A Cancer Research, When Saw 2,000 Runners Race Past His House! Incredible!


The hero of our story a dog named Dozer. The dog runs marathons and raises funds for a cancer center in Maryland in the process. But he never meant to do any of it. His story is amazing, and just another example of how some dogs just want to be part of the pack. It all began when Dozer, a 3 1/2-year-old Golden Doodle, saw about 2,000 runners stream past his house. It turns out that his house was located right on the course of a half marathon.

After watching all these humans happily running past him, Dozer simply had to join in the fun. And it was a lucky coincidence (or divine intervention?) that even allowed him to run. Dozer has an electric collar, but the night before the race his house had lost electricity, so he was able to get away on the day of the race.


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