This Dog Walks To Store By Himself To Buy Bags Of Treats… What Can Be More Perfect For His Owners?! Brilliant Pup!


They’ll suck up to us, beg, and maybe even steal. Our pets will do just about anything for a delicious treat. Except, Pituco. His brown-nosing days are over. Humans… Pituco don’t need no stinking humans to get his treats anymore. This brilliant pup has figured a way to get his tasty treat fix all on his own. These special orders have to be called in by Pituco’s human parents.

Begging for treats while having to be a good boy, Pituco ain’t got time for that. He figured out that he doesn’t need to obey in order to get what he wants from humans. He can bypass humans altogether and directly go after what he wants. Pituco, who lives in Paraí, Brazil, discovered that he can just go down to the local animal clinic, pick out want he wants, and take it home with him. So, every day he walks down to Agro Pet’s attached pet store and loads up on his favorite doggie treats.


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