This Is Love! Nice Kid Enjoys A Great Snuggling Session With A Friendly Horse.


This was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! More like a puppy than a horse!. Looks like a friends for life!
The foal that likes to cuddle is wonderful, however when that baby grows to full size say 900 or 1100 lbs., it will want to do the same thing.
A healthy mare will carry its pregnancy for 11 months, and then they’ll give birth to a cute little foal that’ll get on their young feet within 2 hours. The mother will make sure to clean up her “kid” and establish a strong relationship with them immediately!

Within a day, you could watch the little one start galloping. They learn fast. They could even start experimenting with solid food after a few weeks and be done with the mother’s milk within 3 months. But there’s another thing!
Foals love to play. They love people, especially friendly people like the girl in the video. Given a chance, these cute horses will do their best to reciprocate the love showered on them. A look at what’s happening between this girl and the horse drives the point home.

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