This Man Is One Step Away From Suicide But His Dog Don’t Give A Chance To Let That Happen.


Byron Taylor was so close to committing suicide that he already had the noose prepared. He had it all set up then went downstairs to leave a note for his family, explaining his decision… Taylor had faced a terrible breakup and was drinking heavily. He was in a bad place and felt he was out of options. He no longer felt life was worth living.

Sadly, Taylor was adamant about his decision but someone very special knew that there was a silver lining even if Taylor couldn’t see it just yet.
While downstairs, Taylor’s dog, Geo, had gotten a hold of the noose. When Taylor returned, Geo had it in his mouth and refused to let go of it. Geo, a dog that was normally passive and showed no interest in playing with things like a rope, had sensed his human was in pain and that the rope was not the answer.


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