This Woman Gave A Home To A Stray Dog As A Place For Die. Watch In A Video Below What Happens Finally!


When a caring woman saw pictures of an incredibly skinny dog on Facebook, she decided to take an action. This woman knew how to handle dogs but never took such a bad case from the street in an attempt to heal and rehabilitate the dog. This was as much an adventure for Billy as for his new caretaker.

The dog didn’t have a great outlook. He had been neglected nearly to the point of death, and if it weren’t for one dedicated woman, he would have certainly died. But in the nick of time, this emaciated, sick stray found a savior. Valia Orfanidou runs a pet rescue/fostering organization called “The Orphan Pet.” And she’s learned that the greatest thing she can do for her beloved canine friends is let them go.


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